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The Rev. Dr. Dante’ Dion Bowie, NThD

Dr. Dante Bowie believes in God beyond what has been written and taught. He believes that the true nature of scripture is the revelation of Love and the definition of Theology is one’s authentic voice. His passion is being a voice for the voiceless and helping build a better and inclusive conscienceless for the World.

Dr. Bowie became an ordained minister at the age of 14 under the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. By 18, he began to evolve in his spirituality to realize God could not be relegated to one denomination. He began exploring other denominations and discovered God was there too, despite what he was taught. He entered the role of Executive Pastor for Cosmopolitan Congregation of Dallas in Dallas, Texas. He helped develop a culture of Love, community service, and a more inclusive, welcoming environment where people can worship God in the complete authenticity of who they are regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, and economic status. After his tenure was complete at Cosmopolitan Congregation, he started an organization called Purpose City…through which, he has engaged his community on a deeper level.

Bowie is the author of “The Book of Transcenology,” where he challenges the traditional bureaucracy of systematic religion and encourages the reader to experience God beyond what is taught through the lens of one culture. He hopes to reveal God as more significant than being relegated to one religion, dogma, or creed…through building a global stage for spirituality.

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